Thursday, August 14, 2008


These are the first 7 pages I've prepared for a presentation of a new comic I'm developing called "THE WELLKEEPER©".

It's the story of a young girl who inherits a powerful connection to the life force of the earth itself that makes her the latest in a long line of women known as Wellkeepers. As you can see, this "Gift" is giving our heroine no end of drama as she's on the run from mysterious forces trying to wrest that power from her.

The technique I used to do these pages was inspired my Matt's working method of printing out pencils in non-repro blue onto 11"x17" board to ink. But in my case, I "Penciled" the pages digitally in photoshop where I could manipulate the panels and proportions to where I wanted them before moving on to ink it traditionally.

"The Wellkeeper", all art and concepts are ©, Copyright 2008, Derrick Fish


Mainstay Matt said...

You're making me jealous now. I am really in awe of your inking on this stuff. Not at ALL like I ink a page, but almost better in a way, because it has me thinking back to when I first noticed Scott McCloud's stuff on Zot! You an he have a style that draws you into the story of a page with the lines and texturing. It really makes you "feel" the setting. Yeah, I just compared you to Scott McCloud... deal with it;)

Derrick Fish said...

I don't really think of it as "inking" in the traditional sense. Aside from the fact that I'm barely following the "pencil" lines, it's also over my own stuff. You ink pencils from other artists and have to interpret and add without obscuring. That's a whole different animal that, while I occasionally like to experiment with it, I just don't think I could do.